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Parkdale Village

Toronto apartments for rent in Parkdale

Parkdale has gone through three stages: (1) it started out life as a wealthy suburb of Toronto; (2) it then suffered a decline as the Gardiner Expressway cut off access to Lake Ontario; and (3) its current stage as one of the hippest, most exciting places to live in Toronto, where apartments offer breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline and lake Ontario. Many components factor into the popularity of Parkdale, not least of which is the 15 minute street car ride into the downtown core and the still affordable rents one comes across when looking for an apartment. Cheap rents and interesting architecture attracted the artistic community and began the transformation of Parkdale into an "it" area. The new media crowd has a real presence in Parkdale as former factories have been transformed into lofty exposed brick commercial spaces. Interesting restaurants and bars sprinkle the area.

Located in the southwest corner of the city, Parkdale is being revitalized by young professionals with the renovation bug, and the development of elegant new apartment complexes. The housing inventory in the area is excellent, as the neighbourhood was once inhabited by Toronto‚Äôs upper-middle class. Rents are very reasonable relative to other downtown areas.   You can visit one of the Parkdale apartments by clicking on one of the links below:

103&105 West Lodge
95 Jamieson
77 Spencer