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The Municipality of Clarington

The Municipality of Clarington

Located less than 50 kilometres east of Toronto, along 25 miles of Lake Ontario's northern shoreline, Clarington is actually a large community created during amalgamation that is still better known for its individual centres, which include Bowmanville, Courtice, Newcastle Village and Orono, as well as more than a dozen small villages and hamlets.

Clarington's growth shows no sign of abating as more and more home buyers discover the charms of this unspoiled community with a population of just over 71,000. Clarington, and some of its communities like Bowmanville and Courtice, has recently become popular with first-time buyers and young families from other parts of the GTA looking for family-oriented communities with all the amenities. Certainly, affordable home prices have a great deal to do with the attraction. Homes in Bowmanville are substantially lower than in the City of Toronto.

The current population of Bowmanville has risen in excess of 20,000 - growth due new home development. Much of the heritage appeal of Bowmanville's downtown district is intact, and many residents enjoy the shops and restaurants found here. With good schools, an extensive network of youth sports opportunities, and amenities that include the Bowmanville Zoo, this town remains very attractive for young families.

Courtice is experiencing something of a mini-boom. Since 1981, this area's population has jumped from less than 2,000 residents to more than 15,000, and many of these people are brand new home buyers. A growing, family-oriented community, Courtice boasts a host of new amenities that is being added to each day. Residents can take advantage of local shopping and amenities, or visit Oshawa, which is just to the west.

The third largest of Clarington's modern urban centres, Newcastle Village boasts a population in excess of 4,300, yet is still firmly rooted in small-town Ontario. Encompassing the original harbour community known as Bond Head, it's the heritage flavour of the town and its picturesque waterfront and marina that draws new residents.

Although Orono is a little far east to attract many commuters to Toronto, this charming community, which is surrounded by working farms and wooded areas, has become a favourite with retirees or families who yearn for a lifestyle reminiscent of an earlier era. In the summer and fall, farmer's markets and fruit stands dot the highways surrounding this community. The Durham Central Fair, draws nearly 25,000 visitors each year.