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The first municipality east of Toronto, Pickering offers residents rolling farmland to the north, popular parks along the Rouge Valley to the west and Lake Ontario shoreline to the south.

Parkland covers 220 hectares of the city, offering facilities for everything from baseball to bocchi. Adjacent to the westerly boundary of Pickering is Rouge Park, a unique mix of woodlands, valleys and farmlands that have been set apart to create one of the largest parks in an urban area in North America. Both residents and visitors make good use of the Seaton Hiking Trail, which winds along the West Duffins Creek Valley and passes through historic Whitevale.

The magnetic appeal of the shoreline is stronger than ever, with the creation of an inviting Waterfront Trail. A boardwalk, water-spray park and sandy play areas for youngsters offer residents and visitors many ways of enjoying Pickering's natural harbour, Frenchman's Bay, where boating and fishing have long been favorite activities.

Shopping abounds at Pickering Town Centre with over 200 stores and services. The Pickering Home & Leisure Centre offers DeBoer's, Ethan Allen, Bed Œn Bathtime and Michaels to name a few.

The City boasts significant industrial, commercial and office developments, including an eight-storey, 78,000 square foot tower leased to Ontario Power Generation. OPG have moved its ³New Horizons² Information Technology Department to this location. OPG has also constructing a 3-storey, 100,000 sq. ft. office building, employing an additional 450 employees. Other major companies located in Pickering include Hubbell Canada, Eco-Tec, Purdue Pharma, CDA Industries and Recoton Canada Ltd.

Pickering has its share of apartment buildings and high-rise condominiums but it is the range of family-sized townhomes, semis and fully-detached homes that dominate in the rapidly growing community of 91,000. While housing prices here are higher than in nearby Ajax, they are significantly lower than prices for homes in Toronto.