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The Beaches

Toronto apartments for rent in The Beaches

The Beaches is a trendy Toronto neighbourhood where many of the city's young artists, families and singles live. This friendly community is located north of Lake Ontario and south of Kingston Road between Woodbine and Victoria Park Avenues.   Queen Street East is noted for its eclectic shops and restaurants and was voted, in a TVOntario contest, Best Main Street in Ontario. On sunny summer days the lakeside boardwalk bustles with activity. Some great rentals are available in the Beaches, a long-established Toronto neighbourhood where the majority of housing is over 50 years old. Rental duplexes are plentiful - some especially coveted locations near the water. 

When talking about "The Beach", located in the south-east part of Toronto, there are 2 things you have to get a handle on: (1) is it called "the beach" or "the beaches"; and (2) where is the western border? For an excellent discussion of the first issue check out Bob Fulford's "The Accidental City"; as for the second, most people in Toronto would tell you Queen Street East and Woodbine Avenue, although some hardcore Beach residents might pick Lee Avenue. However, with all of the development that has taken place west of Woodbine at the old Greenwood race track and the construction of the state of the art Beach Cinema, the area has begun a westward expansion. The section of Queen street within the Beach was recently voted best main street in Toronto. Apartments tend to be higher priced in the Beach (as are the houses) and the area tends to attract many, many visitors during the summer, thus creating a reputation for summer season traffic congestion. The popularity of the Beach is well deserved as it offers both visitors and residents an opportunity to grab your dog, pick up a cup of joe and head down to the boardwalk to take in the panoramic views of lake Ontario. The water is the thing down here and while Queen street bustles it's the waterfront that makes this area special.

There are some great Toronto Beach apartments for rent along Kingston Road as well as Queen Street East.  To rent an apartment in the Beach, contact one of the communities below:

700 Kingston Road
2405 Queen
15 Hubbard