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The Danforth

Toronto Apartments for rent Danforth

A funny thing happens on the Bloor Subway line when you get east of Castlefrank station: you enter "The Danforth". The genius of the Danforth is that one must go there to experience it. Have you ever gone to another area/town and noticed that they had every chain store and restaurant that your area had and as such you could've had the same shopping or eating experience in your own hood? Consisting of unique stores and restaurants, the Danforth does not have that problem.

Made world famous by blockbuster film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", The Danforth is a very special area. Starting at Broadview Avenue a strolling pedestrian soon comes across two of the best places in the city to have a pint: "Allens's" a New York style bar with Toronto's best Patio (someone will have to explain how they got that massive tree back there) and the Dora Keogh, an authentic Irish bar.

You'll also find the Music Hall, an ancient cinema that provides residents and visitors with an old style movie theatre experience and Schilling's, a wonderful spot to have a bite of pastry. As you continue to move east, you'll come across The Carrot Common, which among other things is Canada's premier health food destination, where you'll find an organic juice bar, delicious foods, a great little dress store called "Erietta", and a BOOKCITY store that while full of new releases and magazines always has a great assortment of titles in its value priced remainder sections - always a smart place to pick up a coffee table book! No wonder Toronto renters scoop up apartments so quickly in this area!  Toronto Apartments Danforth?   Well,at this point the Danforth begins to become very food centric. Restaurants start to appear everywhere. Excellent restaurants. Restaurants where the outstanding taste of the entrees is matched by the portion sizes.

The area has many greek restaurants, hence the area name of "Greektown", but don't be fooled. There are sushi (four of them), Cuban, Mexican, Indian, Thai and Italian restaurants. There are coffee houses, desert stops and food stores (Sun Valley and Alex Farms are phenomenal). While the food experience is so exceptional that every summer OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE converge for an August weekend known as "Tastes of the Danforth", there is more than food to the Danforth! Saul Korman, proprietor of Korry's, has been selling top quality menswear on the Danforth for 50 years. Some of the best shoe stores in the city can be found here as well as interesting home furnishings and décor stores like "Here Toronto". Area residents are able to get everything they could ever need or want within a few blocks. In short, if you're looking for a european flavoured neighbourhood in Toronto where the apartments provide access to the subway, restaurants, shops and entertainment, then check out the Danforth! has several buildings in this neighbourhood, this building is a prime example.

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