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Toronto apartments for rent - Rosedale

Rosedale is Toronto┬╣s most established residential neighbourhood. Located within easy walking distance of Yonge and Bloor Streets, and bound by Bloor Street on the south and Summerhill Avenue on the north, Rosedale is primarily residential. Local businesses are essentially retail and service-oriented as opposed to heavy industrial. Restaurants, clothing and furniture stores abound.  Residents can access the subway at Bloor Street, Park Road, Castlefrank or Crescent Road.  Some of the larger homes in Rosedale have been converted into upscale apartment rentals. The palatial Victorian, Georgian and Tudor-style homes can cost in excess of $3 million (one was recently sold for $10 million plus) . The average resale price for a single family detached house hovers around one million dollars but you can rent an apartment in Rosedale for a lot less than that!  Apartments in this area tend to be low rise.  To visit some Toronto apartments in the Rosedale area, visit one of the links below:

22 Woodlawn Avenue East